Tuesday Teaching Tip: Never Stop Learning

Tuesdays are for teaching tips here on the blog, and today’s tip is about a habit all great teachers share: they are lifelong learners.

My brother-in-law Mark and his wife Brenda are public school teachers and are required to have 10 days of training per year to maintain their teaching certification. The lady who cuts my hair also has to have a certain number of hours of training in order to maintain her license. My father, who worked as a real estate broker, had to take many hours of classes a year to keep his broker’s license active. In almost every industry, the workers must go through ongoing training every year. No training, no job. No kidding.

How are you getting the training you need?

  • The church provides it regularly – this is optimal
  • Read a book on teaching
  • Watch a video or video series about becoming a better teacher
  • Seek out a more experienced teacher and ask them to mentor you
  • Watch another teacher and observe things they do or don’t do as they teach
  • Ask a professional teacher (surely you have one or two in your church!) because they are the experts in their field and they often have great wisdom as to how to teach subject matter

Great teachers never feel like they have “arrived.” They know there is still much to learn about the teaching responsibilities they have. How will you get training in 2018?


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