4 Ways to Deepen Discussion

Friends, my apologies for not posting yesterday – I’ve been battling flu for the past 4 days and I’ve been quite under the weather.

Today’s post, like those on Tuesdays, is a teaching tip. Today’s tip comes from the book Discussion As A Way of Teaching. If you use discussion as a teaching method (and I’m assuming all of you do!), then here are several ways for you to bolster discussion:

  1. Buzz Groups – these are small 2 or 3 person groups that you can be assigned a question to discuss. You decide if they report back to the larger group.
  2. Pair & Share – place people in two-person groups and ask them to discuss their responses to a question or scenario you’ve chosen in order to guide their thinking toward the topic you’re addressing.
  3. Circular response – participants summarize the response of the last person to speak, then add their own comments and insights. Everyone participates at some point.
  4. Sentence completion – to jumpstart discussion, read a prepared sentence that is not a complete sentence – group members must complete it using their own words.

There are many other ways to use jumpstart discussion, but before you go seeking those, try some of the ones listed above and see how they encourage your people to speak up in your group Bible study.


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