Is Your Sunday School a FUNday School?

Yesterday I had the privilege of video taping a workshop that will be used in LifeWay Christian Stores later this year. My counterpart for the video taping, Chris Surratt, is LifeWay’s small group specialist. We both taped different training segments, and I especially liked the one Chris created about putting fun back into small groups. Chris was talking about small groups that meet off campus and in homes, but the things Chris said apply also to groups that meet on campus – Sunday School groups. After I had some time to ponder Chris’s training segment, here are a few ways to put the “fun” back in Sunday School:

  1. Set aside time in your group for fun to take place – it’s always a good idea to budget some class time to have a good time. Allow people to fellowship before you jump into the Bible study.
  2. Have fun around food – If you don’t have a regular time for food and fellowship during the Bible study time, why not schedule that once a month, or once a quarter? Ask group members to bring breakfast foods and beverages, and spend a big portion of your group time eating and fellowshipping together. Before you grab that pitchfork and charge my electronic castle, just remember that Jesus spent a lot of time having fun and eating and fellowshipping with people. Yes, you’ll do less Bible study that day, but the connections your people make will be invaluable to your group. Besides, you can still present a devotional or shortened study and spend time in God’s Word.
  3. Dust off that Twister game in your closet – Just kidding, kind of. I’m sure that you don’t have a Twister game you’re just itching to play, but perhaps there are some other games that your group would enjoy playing together. Why not devote one night a month and schedule a game night for your group and your guests? Have fun, mess up a fellow group member’s house, and spend the night laughing and playing together. If you do play Twister, I want to see pictures!


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