The Letter Most Group Leaders Want to Send

Dear Group Members,

I’ve been meaning to write you for some time now. I am glad that I’m you’re Bible study leader. I’m thankful that you are in my group. But I have a few things I need to say. I’ve waited as long as I can.

I study and prepare each week, and it is nice when you stop by after our Bible study and say thank you. It’s hard work to carve out the study time each week. I do my very best to teach you God’s Word, but it is discouraging at times because I feel unappreciated. Every once in a while someone in the group will say “Good lesson” or “Thanks,” and those little encouragements mean a lot. But on most days, you close your Bibles, pack up your stuff, and leave.

I also wish you were here more often. Do you know that most of you were only here 50% of the time this past year? That’s not good for your growth as a disciple, and I hope it’s not related to my teaching! I worry that your kids are going to see how sporadically you attend and you’ll end up with kids who don’t value coming to church.

Every once in a while we have a guest who comes to our group study. I’ve watched people like that sit in silence while you’ve visited with one another. Starting next week, would you watch for opportunities to meet and greet newcomers to our group? We need to talk with them and introduce them to others in the group. Maybe this is why we aren’t growing – because people don’t feel overly welcomed in our group. Let’s change that!

One more thing. I’ve been doing most of the work in the group by myself. I could sure use some help. Would you be willing to be my substitute teacher, or perhaps a Care Group Leader? I could use a person to plan fun fellowships for the group if neither of those other positions sound like something you’d be interested in. It’s hard juggling all the plates, and God doesn’t want me to – but I have to because when I ask for help, there is silence. He sent you to our group because you are gifted in ways I am not. I need you to step up and take some ownership of our group.

Again, I’m really proud to be your teacher. I’m thankful for the opportunity to serve you. Please help us create a great Bible study group.


Your Group Leader


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  1. This is a great letter Brother Ken. The only problem is that not many group leaders will feel comfortable sending it to his or her group. And yet, they should have the opportunity to read it. But why can’t the pastor on their behalf and without them asking? Would you mind if pastors used your hypothetical letter to create bulletin inserts so that every family in the church has an opportunity to read it?

    • Good idea! The trick is to do it in such a way that folks are not offended but get the message!

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