4 ways to maximize opportunities at Easter

If you are not following this blog, sign up between now and March 31 to be entered into a contest to win a new CSB personal size study Bible. Click here and go to my home page, then use the field at the top of the right sidebar menu to sign up. I’ll notify the winner on April 1, and mail the Bible to you. Now, let’s think about Easter weekend at your church…

How would you like to make a positive impact on guests who attend Easter weekend services? If your church is also scheduling Bible studies that morning, I know you want to make a good impression on your guests. There are some things you can do to help your church (and your group) put its best foot forward. Many unconnected people will head to Easter weekend activities at your church, so be ready to do some of the following things to help them connect:

  1. Follow up with guests quickly. The faster you make contact with guests, the more likely they are to return. Work with your pastor and staff to determine which people are prospects for your group. Reach out to them through a phone call, email, text, or in-home visit. But whatever you choose to do, realize the clock is ticking. For maximum results, make contact by the Wednesday following Easter Sunday.
  2. Spruce up your meeting place. When guests come over to your house, you put things in order. Floors are swept, countertops are dusted, restrooms are cleaned, and the house gets a needed makeover. The same should apply to your meeting place at the church. Throw out the junk that has accumulated this past year. Make sure the room is clean and ready for guests. Make a good impression on guests and don’t give them a reason not to come back.
  3. Encourage your group members to serve. Easter weekend is the perfect weekend for an “all hands on deck” ministry event. Challenge your group members to serve as greeters in the parking lot, as greeters at main entrance doors, or as extra helpers in the preschool ministry. Your group members will see the tangible results of their contributions on Easter Sunday, so get them involved in serving the church’s members and guests. And please hold onto your group members with a very loose grip! Once they’ve served outside the Bible study group, let them know that it’s OK for them to leave your group in order to serve.
  4. Have extra Bibles and PSGs in your classroom. If your church meets for Bible study on Easter Sunday, have extra Bibles and Personal Study Guides available for any guests who attend your group. Don’t assume they will bring a Bible (they might not own one). Work with your pastor or staff leader to possibly give away a Bible to each guest who does not bring one to Bible study. As you hand a guest a PSG (Personal Study Guide), invite them back the following Sunday. Show them which lesson your group will study next, and encourage them to read it and return to participate with your group again.


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