Teaching Tip: Share the Gospel

Tuesday’s teaching tip is practical and doable – share the gospel as you teach! It’s true that not every Bible study you will lead focuses on Jesus, but the Scriptures give testimony to Him – all of them. So wherever you are in the Bible, be sure to connect your study to the cross if the curriculum you use doesn’t.

Here’s a brief example: I have been spending time in 2 Chronicles 14-17, the story of King Asa. Jesus isn’t mentioned at all in this Old Testament story. So if I was teaching this or preaching this story, how would I connect it to the work of Christ?

  • Asa was a good king. I could bridge to Jesus, the Great King.
  • When Asa was faced with incredible challenges, he prayed and sought God. Christ, when facing incredible challenges, prayed in solitude and sought out his Heavenly Father.
  • King Asa inspired the masses who rallied to him and followed his leadership. Jesus’ ministry attracted many followers who rallied to him and formed large crowds wherever He went.
  • King Asa deposed his grandmother and removed her from the throne. Jesus had to make hard choices regarding his family (mother, brothers, sisters) in order to fulfill His calling.
  • King Asa failed to live up to his potential and turned away from God at the end of his life. Jesus, the Good King, lived His life in faith and trust and never once turned away from his Heavenly Father.

The next time you teach, try to find the connecting point between your Bible study and the person of Jesus. Help people see how the Scriptures point to His life and ministry.


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