5 ways to help your church this Easter Sunday

It’s just around the corner – the biggest weekend of the year for most churches. There’s nothing like Easter Sunday to bring in large crowds of people who want to worship and celebrate Easter.

As a group leader and member of your church, there are five things you can do to help on this highly attended weekend:

  1. Park out – Because of the large numbers of people who will attend church this coming weekend, remember to park as far away from the worship building as possible. Senior adults, people with disabilities, families with young children – they all need the closer parking. Men, drop off your family, then park away from the main building…way away.
  2. Speak up – Be aggressively friendly this Easter Sunday. Intentionally commit to shake people’s hands and welcome them to your church. Don’t wait for your church’s “meet and greet” time if you have that.
  3. Sit close – Easter Sunday is the perfect day to sit close together – and save some space for a guest to sit on your row.
  4. Move forward – Guests do not want to sit at the front of the worship center, so help them out and move up this Sunday! Sit on the first four rows and let the guests have the seats in the back.
  5. Give up – Give up your favorite seat and don’t frown or growl at a guest who happens to accidentally sit in “your seat.”


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