3 ways to help your group (and your church) after Easter

Easter Sunday has come and gone, but you can still ride the wave of guests and goodwill often generated on such a special Sunday. Would you like to help your group grow? Want to help your church continue to make a good impression and reach new families for Christ? Here are 3 quick things you and your group can do:

  1. Be ready for guests – Sunday School groups are designed to be “open” groups – meaning they expect new people each week. Be ready and expectant that Easter worshippers may be in your group by having extra chairs, name tags, extra Personal Study Guides. Don’t act surprised and don’t be caught off-guard if worshippers from Easter services are in your group!
  2. Pray for lost friends and family – Because of the evangelistic focus of Easter services, it’s a good time to encourage your group to focus outwardly by creating a prayer list of people your group knows, but who are far from God. Pray for them each week, and for opportunities to share the gospel with others whom you and your group members come into contact.
  3. Reach out quickly – If you and your group are assigned a prospect or two from Sunday services, reach out to them quickly. Studies show that the faster people are contacted by someone from the church, the more likely they are to return.


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