Tuesday Teaching Tip: Don’t let the cat out of the bag too quickly

Today’s teaching tip comes from the book Teaching for Results. The author lists 8 mistakes that a teacher might make, and mistake #3 is the overloaded introduction:

In his or her introduction the teacher must not tell the class what is in the Scripture passage. The teacher’s task is to lead them to want to know what is in the passage. Telling the class what is in the passage does not stimulate the class to study the Scripture nor give them a reason for studying it.

The next time you guide a Bible study, be careful not to give too much away as you get into the lesson. Challenge the group to study the passage by asking an intriguing question. Pose a scenario that is answered by the passage. But by all means, don’t overload the introduction – allow the group members to discover biblical truth for themselves. Keep that cat in the bag.


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