Should your group have a “business card”?

A personal invitation is still the number one reason why people attend a church’s worship service or Bible study group. It’s one thing for a group member to invite a friend or neighbor, but can the person remember the church address, the time, and other details?

Perhaps a business-style card is the solution. If you want people to invite others to your church and/or your Bible study, consider creating a business card that your group members can pass out liberally.

I’ve used VistaPrint with much success in the past. You can choose one of their templates, or you can create a card from scratch. A box of 500 cards only costs a few dollars, and it gives your group a pint-sized tool to use as they encounter people whom they can invite to your church or your group.

Consider including the following information on the card:

  • Class name/room number
  • Church name/address
  • Time your group meets
  • Time of the church’s worship service(s)
  • Teacher’s name
  • Blank line for your name and contact info

Don’t just ask your group members to do some inviting – equip them to do it!


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  1. Hey Ken, great post as usual. We use business cards for our Single Adult Ministry. One item we include is the names associated with our social media pages so people can easily find them. That way they can be connected to the community, even between meetings.

    • Great idea, Obie, about including the social media pages! Should’ve thought of that one! Hope all is well.

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