6 things you need to know about teaching methods

I’m going to borrow today’s teaching tip from a book by LeRoy Ford. I was first introduced to Ford’s work when I was in seminary. His books on Christian education and teaching were required reading, and thankfully I’ve held onto his books over the years. I’m glad they are in my personal library, and I’m delighted to share his thoughts about teaching methods from his book A Primer for Teachers and Leaders:

  1. No method is of itself effective or ineffective. It all depends upon what we do with it.
  2. The method depends upon the ability of the teacher. Improvement will come in time and with practice.
  3. The method chosen depends upon the abilities of the learner. Some methods are more appropriate for one group rather than another. Know your group.
  4. The method depends upon the size of the group. Some teaching methods are better for smaller groups, and vice-versa.
  5. The method depends upon the time available. A group activity will take longer than one executed only by the group leader (because he/she is in control of the time). If you use methods that involve groups within the group, just remember that things take longer than they do.
  6. The method depends upon the facilities. The room you teach in can help or hinder the methods you choose. Choose wisely!


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