How to Help People Stay Focused When Reading Scripture

Tuesday’s teaching tip is short, sweet, and simple! When you lead a Bible study and have a long passage of Scripture, one way to hold people’s attention is to have a different person read each verse in succession.

When just one person reads a 12-15 verse passage, I’ve watched others in the group zone out. However, if one person reads a verse, and the person next to them reads the following verse, it forces everyone to tune in and follow closely, or they won’t be ready when it’s their turn.

Give this a try the next time you study a long passage of Scripture. It will help your group members stay focused.


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One comment

  1. Hey Ken, great post. I have to constantly remind myself to do little things to keep the group mentally engaged, especially during a long passage. Another idea to help with this (if time allows) is to pause every few verses and simply ask people to put the verses in their own words. This can help get everyone on the same page. Or, if I am going to ask questions on the larger passage anyways, then I simply break up the reading and ask questions specific to each part.

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