Tuesday Teaching Tip: Make it Relevant

Every group member wants relevant Bible study. Most people don’t come together in Am-I-Relevantgroups simply to study for study’s sake. They come together, in part, to learn to discern the wisdom the Bible has to offer – how it makes a difference in the way they live as disciples.

As you prepare your Bible study, pay attention to the connection you make to life. Busy people, if they see the relevance in your Bible study, will be more excited about attending the learning experience you craft each week. If your studies are not relevant to your group members, their attendance will drop.

The last thing people need is a history lesson. What they desire is a Bible study that connects the ancient, yet relevant wisdom of the Scriptures, to life today.

Are your learners leaving your Bible study with a clear understanding of what the Scripture is calling for them to do? Do they have a game plan as they leave your place of study?

Here are some ways you can keep your studies relevant:

  1. Know your group members – If you’ve spent plenty of relational time with your group members, you’ll naturally know ways to connect your studies to their lives. If you don’t know them, you’ll be shooting in the dark.
  2. Trust your curriculum – If you use curriculum published by a Christian publisher, the studies have application suggestions. These teaching procedures are crafted by experts and I encourage you to use what has been provided as you finalize your application suggestions each week.
  3. Start your preparation early – If you create a “Saturday Night Special” (a Bible study you begin working on just a day before your group’s Bible study) you’ll end up shortchanging yourself and your group members. If you start preparing very early in the week, the Holy Spirit can guide you all week long to notice current events that tie to your study. He will also bring ideas to your mind as you immerse yourself in the Scriptures and consider the application ideas in the teaching procedures.


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