Tuesday Teaching Tip: Turn a visual into a relational

There are 8 learning approaches – different ways people prefer to learn. To discover more about them, click here to read an earlier blog post I wrote about them.

Learning preferences of group leaders is important because we tend to teach the way we prefer to learn. My top learning preferences are Physical – Logical. If I’m not careful to balance my teaching, I’ll tend to use those two primary methods most of the time. When I do, that excludes 6 other learning approaches, some of which are preferred by members of my group. What’s a person to do?!

Turn a Visual Into a Relational

Visual and Relational are two more of the 8 learning approaches. If I’m leading a group’s Bible study and have them look at a map, a chart, or an image I’ve produced (or one that comes with the curriculum I teach) I appeal to my Visual learners. But I can easily modify this teaching procedure to appeal to my Relational learners. Here’s how.

After displaying a map, a chart, a photo or image, or an object, I can easily ask the members of my group to form small groups of 3-4 people and respond to a question about the image or object they’ve just viewed. In this way, I’ve taken what was going to be just a Visual learning approach and combined it with a Relational approach.

You can do this for all 8 approaches, combining 2 or 3 of them into one learning activity. This increases the likelihood that you will teach in such a way as to appeal to the many ways people prefer to learn.


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