Friday Favorites – July 27, 2018

Happy Friday everyone! This morning I am in the coastal city of New Orleans. I’m here to present a keynote address to 800 group leaders at Dr. Fred Luter’s church, Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, on Saturday morning. I’m also going to lead two breakout conferences after the keynote, then head back to Nashville. This is one of the greatest privileges and joys in my life. I love encouraging and equipping group leaders.

Speaking of encouraging and equipping, I’ve gathered some articles you might be interested in reading over the weekend. Here, in no particular order, are the posts that I hope will grow you as a leader in your church. Thanks as always for following the blog. It’s growing about 100 people every other week. I appreciate you re-posting content and sharing articles in social media! You’re helping others discover the blog and the daily equipping and encouraging that is taking place here. You are much appreciated!

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