4 ways to Create a Better Experience for your Visual Learners

Tuesday’s teaching tip is designed to help you appeal to your visual learners. Visual learners are just one of 8 kinds of learners in your group and mine, and they have different learning needs than the other types of learners you teach. Here are four things you can do to give them a better learning experience:

  1. Walls – strike a balance between blank walls and cluttered walls; visual learners appreciate interesting maps, charts, and posters, but not an overabundance of them. Remove the ones that are no longer relevant to your current study. And be sure that the room’s walls are painted in a neutral color…nothing wild that overstimulates.
  2. Focal wall – this is the place in your classroom where you focus people’s attention. Hang a whiteboard. Use painter’s tape to hold up posters or maps, and frequently change out so that people don’t grow accustomed to seeing them all the time.
  3. Room arrangement – visual learners want to be able to clearly see any visual aids you use, so be sure that all chairs have a good view of your focal wall. They also enjoy seeing one another, so arrange the chairs in semi-circles or one large circle.
  4. Teaching procedures – display maps and charts, use PowerPoint or Keynote, write on your markerboard or giant Post-It Note tear sheet, display and object, distribute pictures, play a video clip. All of these will appeal to your visual learners.


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