Ministering to 3 groups of forgotten adults

I have a bad memory. There, I admitted it. Well, maybe it’s not so bad, but I do struggle to remember everything that comes my way in the course of a day or week. I have to write things down to help me remember them – dates, lists, etc. I am grateful for my computer, Smart phone, and my day planner! I have to work hard not to forget some things.

When it comes to being forgetful, churches can have a similar problem. Churches can forget about different groups of people who need help and ministry. Here is my short list of 3 different groups we often forget about:

  1. Homebound adults – my mother is in this category. She lives at an assisted living center in the memory care unit. Other adults her age are able to live a more independent life, but cannot venture out to attend church or Bible study groups because of poor eyesight that keeps them from driving, or because they are easily confused and get turned around. Just before my mother moved to her assisted living center, she tried driving to church one day. She stopped to put gas in her car, but could not remember how to do it. She then got flustered and wasn’t sure where she was or how to get home.
  2. Adults with special needs – did you know that the company I work for is the only Christian publisher that creates materials for special needs adults? See the curriculum here. Some adults are blind, deaf, or struggle with some other type of handicap. Churches that create groups for special needs adults tend to see those groups grow quickly.
  3. Single adults – about 45-50% of the adult population in the U.S. are single. Some have never been married. Others have been divorced once, twice, or more. Some have been widowed. People are waiting longer to get married these days, so singles in their 30s or 40s are not uncommon at all.

What other groups would you add to this list? Are there other people we tend to forget in our churches? Could we somehow start new groups to care for these adults who have been forgotten?


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