Let’s Take Sunday out of Sunday School

Take Sunday out of Sunday School? Who in their right mind would do that?! Well, I hope most of us might once we think about it.

Sunday School is a misnomer in a couple of ways. “School” may not have quite the right connotation about what happens in many of our groups. School is a term that may conjure up images of boring times, uninteresting subject matter, and teachers who didn’t “get us.”

“Sunday” may also be quite the misnomer. My understanding of Sunday School is that the best Sunday School happens after noon on Sundays and continues through late Saturday night six days later. As I’ve told training conference attendees before, “There isn’t anything ‘Sunday’ about Sunday School done right.”

The best thing many of our groups could do is to take Sunday out of Sunday School. By that I mean we should see Sunday School as a 247 ministry, and not something we only do for an hour on Sunday morning. A few ways to do this include:

  • Contacting every absentee each week.
  • Fellowshipping together as a group regularly
  • Engaging in ministry as a group
  • Contacting and praying for one another throughout the week
  • Challenging group members to remain in God’s Word daily as they continue to wrestle with the truths discussed in the group’s Bible study

If Sunday School is only about Sunday, I believe it will struggle to be attractive to members of our churches plus our guests. It can be so much more than an hour before or after the morning worship service. If, however, we take the “Sunday” out of Sunday School, it will become a vital part of who we are as the body of Christ. If we make Sunday School a true 24/7 ministry, its best days are still ahead.


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