Tuesday Teaching Tip: Assign Homework for Greater Impact

Today’s teaching tip may seem a bit out of place in a Bible study group, but it’s actually a good idea to give your group “homework” that flows out of your Bible study time. Rather than closing your Bible study and starting afresh next week, why not give your group members some homework for the time in between group meetings? Here are three benefits of doing this in all kinds of age groups:

  1. Homework gives learners the opportunity to review content from the Bible study. When you ask your group members to go the extra mile during the week and continue their learning, they are going to have to refer back to the Bible study materials, reviewing the content as they complete the homework assignment you’ve given them.
  2. Homework teaches learners to take an active part in the teaching-learning process. Learning can be a very passive sport. Christian educator Dr. Howard Hendricks once said, “Teaching is entirely too passive.” By asking your group members to look up additional Scriptures, answer extra questions, or ponder a case study or other learning activity, you teach them to partner with you in the learning process. They can take responsibility for their own learning and growth, and not just depend upon being “spoon fed” by their group leader.
  3. Homework can help learners develop new skills. As group members participate in completing homework assignments, they will learn how to think critically, work on their own, find answers to questions, and use Bible study tools to dig even deeper into the Bible.


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