Tuesday Teaching Tip: Catch Some Zzzzzs

You’ve studied all week and you are ready to teach your Bible study group. You’ve got a great understanding of the biblical text, and you’re pretty proud of your teaching plan. All systems are “go”! There’s just one more thing to do:

Get to bed!

One of the best things you can do for your group is to set an early bedtime the night before you teach. That can be hard to do, because most of us teach on Sunday morning, and it’s fun to stay up late on Saturday night.

Getting a full night’s sleep has many benefits for you, and side benefits for your group members.

  1. Sleep makes you more alert.
  2. Sleep reduces stress.
  3. Sleep has been proven to improve memory.
  4. Sleep has been proven to boost creativity (according to a Harvard research project).
  5. Sleep helps you steer clear of depression.

You’ll feel better with a good night’s sleep, and be better able to lead your group’s study. You’ll also put a better foot forward as you meet and greet members and guests. So do yourself and your group a favor – adopt an “early to bed, early to rise” mentality and don’t stay up too late the night before you lead people into a study of God’s Word.


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