What’s Your 2019 Training Plan?

I’m asking the question, “What’s your 2019 training plan?” from two vantage points. One is that of you, a group leader. Do you have a plan for reading and/or attending training events in 2019 to continue improving your teaching/leading skills? Each of us is responsible for this aspect of training. May I recommend that you:

  • Read a book on Sunday School or small groups ministry (see my recommended list on my blog’s lower right sidebar menu)
  • Read a book on leadership (church or secular) – see my recommended list on my blog’s lower right sidebar menu
  • Attend at least one regional or state-wide training conference (something sponsored by LifeWay, your state convention or local association)
  • Participate in your church’s ongoing plan to train group leaders

The second vantage point I ask this question is from that of pastor, Sunday School director, or Minister of Education. Have you planned out your church’s 2019 training? If you are interested in providing a live training experience, let’s talk soon! My 2019 training calendar is going to get full just like it did this year, so now’s the time to book people like me to come to your location to invest a day or a weekend in your group leaders. Topics and training can be tailored to fit your church and your group leaders.

State Sunday School leaders in Georgia discovered that training matters. See the chart to the right and note the growth experienced by 2500+ churches if training was provided monthly or quarterly. Note also the decline in churches that did not have a plan for ongoing training. Training is important. Training matters!

Don’t forget to consider training systems like my friend Allan Taylor’s Sunday School Matters series – I’m using it to train group leaders at my church. And don’t forget about the free booklets and conference plans available at lifeway.com/davidfrancis.


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