Tuesday Teaching Tip: Don’t Throw Away Your Stuff!

We are a society that is used to disposing of things – razors are disposable, plastic water bottles are disposable, single serving coffee pods are disposable, plastic cutlery and paper coffee cups are also disposable, just to name a few.

It’s no surprise that some Bible study leaders approach their teaching materials in the same way. When a Bible study is over, they often throw away their materials – what a waste! I’ve got a better way – file them, save them, and hold onto your resources. You never know when you might need a quick Bible study, and having a stack of studies you’ve previously led is a great shortcut in your preparation. You’ve already prepared each study for hours – don’t dispose of them!

I know teachers who have saved their previous studies for years and have a great library of resources to pull from: teaching plans, commentaries, posters, and all kinds of extras. When they study a passage of Scripture they’ve previously taught, they have a wealth of additional helps available to them.

Remember: don’t throw away your stuff! File your old studies away for safe keeping – you’ll use them again one day.


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  1. We donate the materials to our local Association who then donates it to local church’s that can’t afford to purchase curriculum. Before, it was being thrown away. We feel it is going to good use now.

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