Tuesday Teaching Tip: Use The 5 P’s in your Group

Today’s teaching tip is for group leaders of all kinds of groups – kids, students, and adults. Using these “5 P’s” will enhance your leadership of the group, and will make for a better experience for the members of your group. As you study and prepare to lead your next session, remember to:

  1. Be positive. Always find a way to affirm the people in your group – their presence, their participation, etc. Thank them for helping you and the group see the Bible in new ways.
  2. Be present. Before you step in front of your group, clear your mind and focus on your role as teacher-shepherd-leader of your group. Don’t allow the distractions of life to distract you from your teaching and leading responsibilities. Stay in the here-and-now. Focus on the task at hand. Tune in to the needs of your people.
  3. Be patient. Leading a group isn’t easy, and sometimes your mental or physical state can negatively impact your role. If you find yourself getting exasperated at a person (or persons) in the group, remain patient. Count to ten. Take the long view.
  4. Be prepared. No one likes a group leader who is unprepared! This doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect, but do be prepared. Good preparation starts on Sunday afternoon (if you teach a group on Sunday mornings). The later in the week you begin your preparation, the less effective your teaching will be. Effective teachers plan ahead.
  5. Be practical. At the end of your Bible study, imagine that your group members ask you, “So what?” They must know the answer to that question, so be practical in your application of the Scripture to the lives of your learners. Give them a few things they can do to immediately apply the Bible to life.


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