Tuesday Teaching Tip: Tell a Story

If you’d like to increase your effectiveness as a Bible study leader, tell a story! Incorporate at least one story into each Bible study you lead. Jesus often told stories (parables) to drive home spiritual truths. His stories were memorable and repeatable in a day and time when the average person had no written Scripture of their own to read. Here’s a book you might want to check out: Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results. This book has tips for effective storytelling that will benefit you not only in your Bible study group, but in any setting in which you are seeking to persuade people to adopt your view.

Jesus Used Stories to Communicate Spiritual Truths

As you teach, you can share a story:

  • From the Bible passage you’re studying (be able to tell every detail by studying the passage repeatedly)
  • From your life (allowing your group members to see your vulnerability and human nature is a good thing)
  • From the local or national news
  • From history (try not to go too far back!)
  • From a video clip
  • From the life of one of your group members (with their permission, of course!)



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