Make the most of your Christmas holidays

Many of us will be gearing down beginning this weekend. We’re taking vacation time off, doing some traveling, and will not be at our day jobs through the first of the year. While you are taking some needed time off and spending time with family and friends, make the most of the Christmas holidays so that you and your Bible study group start the new year in a good, healthy posture.

  1. Pray more. While you have some time off from work, spend a few more minutes praying daily. Because you won’t have to wake up early and rush the kids to school while you are trying to get to your office, use some extra minutes to extend your prayer time – or begin again a prayer time that was once healthy, but has languished because of the tyranny of the urgent.
  2. Read more. During the holidays, spend more time in God’s Word. Read just to read. Read devotionally, and not with a view to teach. Allow the Lord to minister to your spirit as you simply sit before Him and enjoy reading the exact words He wanted you to hear when He inspired men of old to record His Word to us.
  3. Plan more. If you are a group leader who uses an ongoing Bible study curriculum, look ahead. Spend time planning some of your upcoming studies. Read about four to six of your upcoming studies and begin thinking how you might incorporate some current events, illustrations, visual aids, etc. If you plan early and know where your studies are heading, this will be fruitful, productive time.


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