Free Sunday School Training on March 9

Here’s a free online training opportunity with my friend Allan Taylor. He’s the Director of Sunday School at LifeWay Christian Resources, and he will host a free online event for Sunday School directors on March 9 (Saturday) beginning at 9AM CST. Register at

Although the training is directed at persons who provide leadership to their church’s Bible teaching ministry (pastors, Sunday School directors), group leaders/teachers and others would benefit from this two-hour time of strategic training.


  1. Is there a way that this webinar type teaching can be posted on line.
    Great idea – however, I will be traveling that day and may not be able
    to link in during my travels.

    • Patrick, LifeWay has planned to add two more repeats of the webinar. One will be on a Saturday morning, and the second will be on a weeknight. When I have the dates, I’ll post those.

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