5 ways to spice up a lecture

Today’s teaching tip will help group leaders who use lecture in their Bible study groups. Jesus lectured (see the Sermon on the Mount!), and many group leaders have used this time-tested way to communicate biblical truth to their group members. The trouble is, though, that lecture sometimes becomes the default way group leaders teach, and some group members who are not auditory learners just don’t find the lectures captivating. To help spice things up a bit, here are a few ways you can spice up your lectures to capture the interest of all your group members:

  1. Use visuals – use charts, slides, handouts, or demonstrations that help group members see as well as hear the information you’re communicating.
  2. Share a lead-off story – today’s news is ripe with stories and illustrations that your people have heard about throughout the week. Look on social media such as Facebook and see what your group members are talking about that’s made the news.
  3. Conduct a listening exercise – ask your group members a question, and tell them the answer lies in the content you are about to share via your lecture. Ask them to carefully listen to find the answer to the question you’ve posed.
  4. Ask questions – periodically stop your lecture and ask spot questions to check comprehension, and to break up the lecture into smaller, bite-size chunks.
  5. Invite a guest lecturer or expert – one way to effectively use lecture is to invite an outside expert to present information to your group. You may have people in your group, or in your church, who are experts on certain topics. Involve them!


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