1000th Post Just Happened – Thank You!

This blog started back in spring 2011, and on Monday April 29, just two days ago, I posted my 1000th article. Who knew that when I launched this free blog to help pastors, leaders, teachers, and Bible study groups of all kinds, that God would grant it this much favor. Thousands of you follow this blog, and you’ve been great to “like” posts and to help others find the blog as you help get the word out through your social media channels. Please continue to use the social media buttons to help pass along posts on Facebook, Twitter, and beyond. Thank you for being a part of this online community as we all continue to lead well and to strengthen our church’s Bible teaching ministries, whatever they are called!

Don’t forget to use the “Search” option in the sidebar if you want to see if I’ve written on a particular topic.

Thank you, too, for helping to spread the word about my new book, Breathing Life Into Sunday School. It contains 12 actions that any of us can take in order to strengthen our Bible teaching ministries, no matter if we call them Sunday school or small groups, and no matter whether or not they meet on campus or in homes (or somewhere else)! Here is a brief testimony from an executive pastor who just finished reading the book:

I’ve just finished reading your newest book, “Breathing Life into Sunday School”.  It is GREAT! You have done an excellent job encapsulating the essentials of solid Sunday School work. I am proud to be able to say, “I know this guy”. Just a word of encouragement.  You are a kingdom agent for God.


Richard Adams | Executive Minister

Shady Oaks Baptist Church, Hurst TX


Serving you,

Ken Braddy



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