You’re asking the wrong question!

The next time you teach your group’s Bible study, don’t make a mistake and ask the wrong question. What question might that be? I’ll tell you:

“Would you fill out this card?”

Most group leaders have some sort of information card the church provides, and we’re expected to try to get our guest’s information so we can follow up with them. But that’s the wrong question! So if that’s the wrong question, what’s the right one? Glad you asked:

“May I place you on our group’s ministry list?”

There is no rule that says you cannot ask a guest to join your group the very first time they visit. In fact, it’s a best practice by savvy group leaders. Simply let your guest know a few key facts:

  • They are not joining the church.
  • They can have their name removed at any time.
  • You want to be able to communicate with them about upcoming social events of the group, ministries of the church in which they may want to participate, and you want a way to know their prayer requests and opportunities to minister to their family.

So if you’re in the habit of asking a guest to fill out an information card, change the question and ask them if you can enroll them in the group.


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