Friday Faves – August 16, 2019

Dear blog family,

A personal request before we get to today’s posts. My mother suffered a stroke earlier this week, and I’m calling on prayer partners to lift her up and ask the Lord to strengthen her and bring back her mobility, mind, and general health. She’s had difficulty eating without assistance, doesn’t remember me, and has been more lethargic this week. She will most likely have to use a wheelchair the rest of her natural life. Join my family and other friends in praying for Mille as the Lord brings her to your mind.

Now, today’s Friday Faves. The links below are to posts from friends and colleagues, plus organizations I trust to deliver great content to you. I hope you’ll have time to read some of these over the weekend – whichever ones seem to apply to you and your current ministry role.

Blessings, everyone.

Ken Braddy

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