The Power of a Written Note

In today’s high-tech, low-touch world, the power of the handwritten note is making a comeback. As I write this blog post, I’m looking at a handwritten note from my new president at LifeWay, Dr. Ben Mandrell.  Upon his arrival at our company just a short time ago, I decided to give him a “welcome to LifeWay” present. I took the item, the gift bag, and a card to his office and left it with his administrative assistant. The card was in Spanish (I had no idea what it said), and I made light of that in my note to him. It was a lighthearted way to say hello and “welcome” to my new president. What I didn’t expect was for Ben to take the time to write me a note, thank me for the gift, and for then make a funny reference to the gift in the bag and the card that neither of us could understand. Then, just yesterday, Dr. Mandrell sent me two text messages to let me know he is praying for my family as my mother’s physical condition slowly deteriorates because of a recent stroke and now a fall that caused her to break her hip (no surgery is possible because she would not survive it).

In both of the examples above, the fact that a person took the time to focus on me, know my my situation, and respond by writing notes (one physical, one electronic, but both personal) meant the world to me.  Would the people in your Bible study group also like to receive a handwritten note from you, their leader? Think about the joy that a short “I’m glad you are in my Sunday School class” type note could bring to that sixth grade boy who attends even though his parents are not overly supportive. A handwritten note to a guest saying, “I am so glad you were our guest – please come back” could mean the world to someone looking to connect with a group of adults for Bible study.

When I was on church staff full-time, I set aside time every Monday morning to write 5 handwritten notes to people. Some were teachers, others were group members or guests, or fellow staff members. I was always pleasantly surprised when the people whom I’d written responded in the affirmative the next time I saw them. They were truly surprised, blessed, and thankful for the handwritten note. I challenge you to do this for a month and watch the difference it will make for you, your group members, and your church. A card, a pen, and a few minutes can make all the difference in someone’s life.


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  1. Ken-
    I have found that most any time I sit to hand write a note:
    1) God has brought that person to mind
    2) God writes the note
    When I next see that person, they bring up the note. It has made them feel seen and connected.
    that is HUGE! If it’s been awhile, I might not even remember what was writen, just that God took care of it.
    Thanks for the words

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