3 reasons to consider “midweek Sunday School” groups

In a training session this week with Dr. Randy Stone from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, he cited six trends with adults, and the group discussed the implications of each one. One of the trends he called attention to is the mobility of today’s adults. This caused me to look at the need for mid-week “Sunday School” groups in a different light. Here are three reasons why you might want to consider a mid-week option for Bible study:

  1. The economy is thriving, and people are spending money on travel – Airports are crowded and roads are full of people running from place to place, spending time and money on leisure travel. When confidence is high and people feel financially secure, they are going to spend money, and one of the areas that receives their finances is in the area of personal travel. More and more people will become irregular in their attendance on Sundays, so a mid-week option for Bible study when they are home and off the road is a good option for these road warriors. Sunday School isn’t just for Sundays anymore!
  2. Adults are aging, and grandparents are traveling on weekends to see children and grandchildren – Boomers are retiring in record numbers, but they are not retiring from life. With cash and time, they are likely to hit the road and take short trips with friends (and family). In addition, they are investing time and travel into their grandchildren, and weekends are the perfect time to slip out of town and see a grandchild play in a baseball or soccer tournament, or some other sport. When they return from a trip, they need to reconnect with adults in their Bible study groups, but that can be problematic when they hit the road again the next weekend. These travelers need a mid-week option for Bible study and fellowship. They are not bad believers, but are Christians who value influencing the next generation. They love the Lord and they love their churches, but they need another option for study besides Sunday morning.
  3. People’s attendance patterns have changed, and “committed” Christians attend church less frequently – It’s no secret that people still attend church, they just do it less frequently. People are working longer hours, and about 23 to 25% of the people in your city work on Sunday mornings and could not attend a Bible study then, even if they had a burning desire to do so. Again, mid-week options communicate, “We care about your spiritual health and well-being.” If your church can make a mid-week group (or groups) an option, I’d recommend doing that as soon as possible. Then, get the word out through social media, email, and other means.


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  1. Ken, you are Spot on with this observation and recommendation.I particularly like your point number three that it communicates care.

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