“My New Life” for new believers is here!

I just received an advanced copy of an awesome new Bible study for new Christians. I am happy to announce that my friend and colleague, Tyler Quillet, has led a team here at LifeWay to produce a much needed resource titled My New Life.  It is a six-session study that helps new believers  build their life on God’s Word. Here’s what I like about My New Life:

  • The look is clean and simple – this makes this resource less intimidating for a new believer…it feels “doable.”
  • The interior pages are crisp, white, clean, and there’s plenty of “negative space” – this new resource has been created simple by design. The interior pages have great content, but the entire resource feels very accessible.
  • It can be used in a group setting – Your church could offer this as a class once or twice a year so that new believers are connected to other newer believers.
  • It can be used by an individual – Although helpful in a group setting, a church could gift this booklet to a new believer as their first resource to help them understand what has just happened in their life as a new Christian.
  • It’s super affordable!  The book retails for just $6.99, but in bulk, they are only $5 each!

I’m going to read this Bible study and fill out this new resource over my Christmas holidays because I believe it could meet a need at my church and I want to experience it for myself. How about you? Does your church need a new resource to gift to newer believers? Do you need content for a new believer’s group? If so, this may be what you’ve been searching for.


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