Extreme Sunday School Challenge – Book Review & Free Digital Copy

ESSC CoverMy friends and former colleagues Bruce Raley and David Francis released a  book titled Extreme Sunday School Challenge not too long ago. The subtitle tells it all: the book is about engaging our world through new groups. You can get a free digital copy of the book by clicking here – you’ll jump to the download page at lifeway.com.

The book’s three chapters (The Potential, The Essentials, and The Opportunities) provide a clear and concise read about the importance of starting new groups in our churches. If you want your church to fulfill the Great Commission, starting new groups may be the best way to live that out in a practical way. New groups typically add 10 people to a church’s teaching/discipleship ministry, and new groups make it much easier for newer members and guests to get connected.

David Francis, Bruce Raley, myself, and other LifeWay leaders have all started new Sunday School groups, and we have lived out the truths contained in this book. Bruce and David have written from the overflow of their experiences and have given us a practical guide for the why and how of starting new groups. New groups are so beneficial to churches: they grow faster than established groups, they add 10 people on average to the total Sunday School, and they are easier places for guests to engage with group members who have a desire to reach new people and establish new friendships.

Some of the highlights from the book are:

  • There is real potential in new groups for evangelism, maturing disciples, engaging people in ministry, and for obtaining more resources for kingdom work (chapter 1)
  • Without a catalysts, new groups won’t begin (chapter 2)
  • There are many ways to start new groups both in your church and in the community (chapter 3)


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