3 ways to grow as a Sunday School or small group leader

I hope your church has a training philosophy and a regular cadence of opportunities to help you grow as a group leader. Whether your church has that or not, you can take ownership for your growth as a Sunday School or small group leader. Here are three ways that you can grow in between other kinds of training offered by your church:

  1. Read a book – There are many great books to read that will help you as a group leader. Check out the right sidebar menu on my blog for links to some of my favorite books. If you are not subscribed to my blog, go to kenbraddy.com and take a look at the many books I’ve recommended. They are all linked to pages in Amazon for your convenience (I do not make money if you click and buy!).
  2. Subscribe to a podcast – In the near future I will launch a Sunday School podcast for LifeWay Christian Resources. In the meantime, I prefer the Group Answers Podcast by my friends Brian Daniel and Chris Surratt. I’m a frequent guest, and you can find this podcast by clicking here.
  3. Choose a mentor – Find an older teacher in your congregation and ask them to share their wisdom with you. You’ll find them to be very agreeable and willing to share their knowledge and experiences. Ask for an ongoing time to meet and discuss their experiences in the classroom as a group leader. Meet once a week for a month, or perhaps once a month for six months. Whatever makes sense for the two of you.

Any or all of these suggestions can help you develop and grow as a group leader. Which one will you choose first?


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