The Coronavirus and Your Church’s Finances

An open letter to the church:

Dear Church,

The Coronavirus is going to be with us for a while. The President’s team of advisers is predicting a spike in cases through mid-summer, but that is their best guess. Because churches are moving online during these days, and because the CDC (Center for Disease Control) has recommended that public gatherings be 10 people or less, the church isn’t going to return to live worship for a while.

In the meantime, the bills continue. Staff must be paid. Mortgages are due. Some programs must go on. As you shelter, work remotely, and avoid larger crowds (including those at church) please send in your tithes and offerings regularly. My church’s weekly budget requirement is approximately $13,000. Last Sunday online giving was $1700 (we met online for worship, so no offering was taken like we normally would have). If this continues, we will be in considerable financial trouble very shortly.

If God’s people continue to give, my church will weather the storm. So I ask that you do the right thing in these difficult days. Meet online with your Bible study group. Keep relationships going (because being isolated at home is going to take its own toll on us). Worship on Sundays with your church online. If your church isn’t online, then find one that is and worship with that church family for a time. And don’t forget to give like you normally would. It’s so important these days.

COVID-19 is going to pass. It’s going to get better. We just need to stay together and stand strong, and we can emerge stronger than ever on the other side of this. Keep up the good giving!



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