Need a virtual Bible study this weekend?

Hey subscribers,

Realizing that some groups are having difficulty getting online to meet this weekend (yes, churches and groups are scrambling to move things online) I recorded a 30 minute Bible study based on LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life series. The one this weekend is titled “Faith.” It is session 4 of 6 in the current series “Holy Vocabulary.”

You’re free to embed this, email the link to your group – or use it however is best for your church and group. I didn’t want individuals and groups not to have something to study as we are all keeping our social distance from one another!


Ken Braddy


  1. Thanks so much for this! Question: Is the first link you have listed first a link we can use each week without changes? I noticed the link under “trouble clicking” has the specific date in it.

  2. Great job. I have formed a group on Facebook for my Bible study class to share prayer requests throughout the week and then to study the lesson together on Sunday morning. I have sent them all the link to this teaching and encourage them to review it before tomorrow morning. Then we can spend our time together sharing our thoughts about it. Thank you for doing this

  3. I listened to your teaching, Ken, and it certainly helped me to ‘fine tune’ our virtual lesson for tomorrow morning. Thank you.

    I also enjoyed hearing Amber on the podcast this week as our class uses DDG. We love it.

    Thanks to the Lifeway folks…..

  4. Thanks, Ken, for Teaching this lesson which I listened to so as to ‘fine tune’ our class Bible study tomorrow.
    Such a great way to keep us in the Word & together. The ‘older ladies’ class that meets across from our international class will actually use your teaching, as opening an email for them is easier than trying to pull up Zoom.

    Thanks to Lifeway for all the help this week. Doug Powell has encouraged us to use technology. I’m grateful for girls in our class who are willing to help us make this happen.

  5. Ken, thank you for this resource. We have shared the link with our church.

    Wayne Moore Pastor, High Point Baptist Church 2381 Big A School Rd. Stuart, VA 24171

    * * (336) 793-7991

    1 Chronicles 29:11

  6. Ken,
    You were a BIG HIT with my class today!
    I emailed everyone the link last night and it was there for them at our regular class time this morning. It was a perfect fit for us.
    If the world is still on “LOCKDOWN” next weekend, we would love to see Sanctified in this way.

  7. Ken, thank you so much for doing this Bible Study!! It helps so much during this time of isolation.

    May God bless you and this ministry!

    Dianne Ross

    From Mobile Device


    • Dianne, I’m glad you have found these meaningful during our time of social distancing. Thanks for taking the time to let me know they’ve been helpful!

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