5 reasons I’m thankful for COVID-19

You probably know someone who can “make lemonade out of a sour circumstance.” I love those people and their positive outlook on life.

We hear so much negative news today about COVID-19 that it’s time for a dose of positive thoughts and why the pandemic actually has a silver lining. Yes, it’s a terrible disease. Yes, I’d prefer it had never developed. But it’s here and it’s changing the way we do life. So why am I finding myself thankful for this unseen enemy?

  1. We’re all slowing down. Gone are the days of the rat race that families once found themselves in. No ball practices, no band rehearsals, no ballet or karate lessons. Just time spent at home. I’ve seen more people doing yard work, couples taking walks, and kids playing outdoors than I ever have before. Slower is better. Enjoy the current pace, and when COVID-19 passes and social distancing mandates end, consider keeping a simpler, less stressful schedule.
  2. Families are worshiping together. Because the church cannot gather together as we have in the past, parents now find themselves as their children’s primary biblical instructors and worship leaders. Kind of like God intended, right? (see Deuteronomy chapter 6). Family worship time may become in vogue simply because parents have been put in a position in which they’ve had to figure out how to worship as a family while sequestered. I hope this is something that carries over from COVID-19.
  3. The church is learning new ways to get that old gospel message out. Churches and group leaders have taken to the internet, email, and phones to communicate with people, teach the Bible, and worship together. Remember in the book of Acts when the church experienced a great persecution and was scattered beyond Jerusalem? We’re in a similar place today. The church has been forced to scatter into different venues to worship and study together. Many group leaders are learning how to go online for the first time using tools like Zoom and Facebook Live. New people are finding our churches online, and they are also finding their way into Bible study groups online. Some churches are reporting that attendance is up. Way up.
  4. We’re spending more time with the people we love. My wife and I are going to end up spending at least six weeks together at home because our companies have mandated that we cannot go into the office. I’m totally enjoying seeing her many hours a day. Oh, and I’m seeing my dog a lot more – he’s not going to know what to do when I go back to the office! I’ve watched my own son parent my 2 year-old grandson, Logan, and he is also working from home. My son Josh is racking up some serious “dad time” with little Logan, and that’s a very good thing.
  5. We are growing in appreciation of our friends and fellow church members. When the church comes back into the building, there will be celebrations around the country like you’ve never seen before! We have realized just how much we really do love and appreciate the other people who make up the body of Christ in our churches. In fact, some churches that were on the verge of splits and divisions may come back together in unity and peace after they realize how much they’ve needed and missed one another.

I bet you have other reasons you could add to this list. So go ahead! What silver linings do you see in COVID-19?



  1. As adults, we are in a novel position to create some exceptional fun and memorable experiences to fill the extra time we have with our families. Someday, when our children/grandchildren are grown, they may not remember how scary a time this was. Instead, wouldn’t it be great if they said, “Remember that spring when everybody stayed home and we did this or that?” We need to be intentional about creating special activities and family fun during this time. What a precious way to grow our relationships and model God’s love! Create scavenger hunts around the house/yard (they can even use their iphones to take pictures when they find each item); put arts and crafts supplies on the table, and have each person design and create an Easter bonnet/cap! Share some laughter and spend time together without relying on the TV for your entertainment. Make bread; draw caricatures of each other; use a flashlight and draw/cut out cameo silhouettes to mount and frame later. Make sock puppets out of those single socks that keep piling up in the laundry room. Share stories about your scariest moment, your best birthday, how the grandparents met, whatever. Host a family poetry slam. Suddenly, we all have uncommitted time. Let’s use it wisely!

  2. 100% agree Bro. Ken! My prayer is that parents lead like NEVER before in this time and have meaningful Gospel conversations around the table consistently. As Youth/Education Pastor, I’ve been sending short videos and my daily Scripture time to parents to equip and jump-start their conversations! I’ve also benefited greatly from your BSFL recorded SS lesson links while I have studied and recorded TGP SS lesson to send both out. Great success and feedback from my adults! I’ve been praying how I can influence my adult groups more and this has been just the season! Thanks for your leadership and your team’s hard work.

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