The Truth of the Resurrection video teaching: Bible Studies for Life

It’s Holy Week, and we are making our way to Good Friday. My prediction: more people are going to be exposed to the gospel this week and this Sunday in particular than ever before! Churches are online now, people are viewing live services and Bible studies, and the church may reach more people with the gospel than on any day in our history. It’s going to be an exciting weekend indeed!!

I have recorded 4 sessions of Bible Studies for Life weekly studies ever since we have been sequestered and asked to shelter in place for safety. I did this because individuals and groups had struggled initially to get online and find ways to stay connected. I plan to continue offering these weekly studies until we are able to meet together again as the church.

Please share this with others and help them have a Bible study experience that focuses on the truth of Jesus’ life, death, and especially His resurrection.

The Lord is risen…He is risen indeed!

Blessings, friends

Ken Braddy

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