48 Questions PDF – Questions to Ask Before Reopening Your Church

Recently I released two blog posts with 24 COVID-19 related questions in each one that church leaders might want to discuss before the people return to the building when worship and other activities resume.

I have compiled the 2 sets of 24 questions into one document with all 48 questions. Print or share this with leaders in your church. Add or delete questions to fit your church’s ministry context.

48 Questions to Ask Prior to Reopening Your Church


    • Thank you, Ruth! Appreciate the kind words, and I hope the questions help your church reopen safely and as soon as possible with everyone’s best interests in mind

  1. Are you kidding me, whoever you are Ken Brady? No we dont need to answer these questions! We need to open our doors, take wise health measures, act like the Church of The Living God, trust God, and quit running scared like the world! If we take this article seriously, we just need to keep the church doors closed and go get some pizza.

    • Hello Stan. No, I’m not kidding. No we are not operating scared. We are acting like shepherds protecting our sheep. Proverbs 21:31 is a verse you should stop and read. The article NEVER says not to open! Just do so decently and in order and safely just as you suggested (“take wise health measures”)….you agreed with the entire post in that one statement.

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