Dealing with Messy Relationships, Session 2

During COVID-19 physical distancing days, I’ve been recording a short weekly Bible study based on LifeWay’s Bible Studies for Life series. Some people are using these videos as their weekly Bible study. Group leaders have sent these videos to their group members, then use their online time to discuss the content. However you may choose to use this, I pray the Lord blesses you and your group through the ministry of His Word.


  1. Thanks, Ken! Love to hear you teach – you’re a great role model!

    We’re doing well with zooming each Sunday. Actually, we had been using WebEx as our director was familiar w it via her work. This week we switched to zoom which has many possibilities for interaction during class time.

    My husband & I are staying safe to stay well. Lou Beth

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    • Hey Lou Beth! Good to hear from you. I am glad that online teaching is working for your group. So glad to know you are safe. Keep washing hands!! – Ken

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