Bible Studies for Life – Session 4: SERVE

Each week during COVID-19 sequestering, I’ve provided a teaching video from the Bible Studies for Life series by LifeWay. Originally for my church family, I placed it on this blog and on my YouTube channel for anyone else to use who may not have a Zoom Bible study group.

Some group leaders are sending this video teaching to their group members and then discussing it during their online teaching time. I hope you are spending time in God’s Word with a group each week. If not, seek out a good Bible-believing church and get involved!



One comment

  1. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you doing this. I listen to it before I start to study and it really helps me. Thank you Marybeth Kritsky From Central Baptist of Sanford, FL

    Marybeth Kritsky Integrated Claim Solutions 407-697-6789 cell 407-834-5555 office


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