Bible Studies for Life, Session 6: ACCEPT

This is the final Bible study in Ben Mandrell’s “Dealing with Messy Relationships” series. The suggested use date is Sunday May 31.

I talk through the Bible study, sharing screen shots and drawing from material in the Bible Studies for Life leader guide. I hope you are able to use this for your personal study, or perhaps as a conversation starter for your online group meeting.


  1. Ken,
    We had a great lesson this last Sunday on this same topic from Paul in Romans Chap 14-15 with main focus on 14:1-12. Wouldn’t it be nice if we at FHBC would follow “don’t argue about dispute matters” and accept those with different views? Praying some day that will be our “new norm”. Have a blessed day.

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  2. Thanks, Ken! You’re spoiling us with these most helpful weekly “teachers meeting” (like the good old days).
    I’m grateful for Lifeway and its long-standing provision of sharing useful & practical teaching ideas each week.

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