Living With Hope in a Broken World – session 4

In this session from Bible Studies for Life’s summer series titled “Living with Hope in a Broken World,” I walk us through I Peter 3:8-17 as we will come to realize that we can endure hardships because of our hope in Christ. This session is recommended for study on Sunday June 28.

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  1. The first week we were unable to meet together, we formed a J.O.Y. class Facebook group. We have used it for sharing many things, but it is also the way that I send the link for your video of the lesson to everyone on Thursday. Then on Sunday mornings I post a followup with key truths and suggested questions for discussion such as the one below. Our church had planned to return to the building July 5, but, with the spike in cases in Oklahoma, that is being reevaluated. We are trusting you will continue with the videos for several more weeks.

    So glad you joined us for Bible study. Bro. Lynn and the deacons are going to decide tomorrow whether or not we will begin in person Sunday School on July 5th as planned given the upturn in Covid cases in Oklahoma. We are in the fourth week of the unit, LIVING WITH HOPE IN A BROKEN WORLD. I hope you have viewed the video on this week’s session, THE ENDURANCE OF OUR HOPE. Let’s remind ourselves of some key truths, all of which focus on our key point: We can endure suffering because of our hope in Christ.

    1 Peter 3:8-12 – We are called to love and bless even those who intend evil toward us.
    1. Believers are to feel and act toward other believers as those who are one in the Lord.
    2. We are called to do what is right even when others do not treat us right.
    3. Without the love of Christ in our hearts, we cannot love and bless those who mistreat us.

    1 Peter 3:13-14 – Our hope in Christ carries us through any circumstance or suffering.
    1. Living in a fallen world, people who are devoted to doing good will encounter evil.
    2. Those who suffer for righteousness have no need to fear.
    3. Rather than become discouraged when we experience suffering for righteousness sake, we ought to count ourselves blessed.

    1 Peter 3:15-17 – Faithfulness in suffering is an opportunity to point to the hope we have in Christ.
    1. Believers are to seize every opportunity to explain how they are able to live a life of hope.
    2. A witness is someone who simply tells others what he or she has seen and heard.
    3. The character of our lives is a stronger testimony to the reality of our faith than our arguments.

    Consider and share your thoughts on some of these questions:
    1. What are some ways we give blessings to others?
    2. What do you find encouraging during times of suffering?
    3. How would you explain your hope in Christ to someone who wonders why it is important to you?

    Even as we remember THE POINT – We can endure suffering because of our hope in Christ, let’s always be ready to verbally testify to our hope in Christ whenever the Lord opens the door.

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