Lift High Your Pastor’s Hands

Pastors today are in a difficult position. It seems any decision they make pleases half their congregation, and causes the other half to shake their heads, murmur, withdraw, or leave.

I’m sure you’ll remember the story of Moses in Exodus 17. The Israelites had engaged the Amalekites in battle, and here is the description of what happened:

11 While Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, but whenever he put his hand down, Amalek prevailed. 12 When Moses’s hands grew heavy, they took a stone and put it under him, and he sat down on it. Then Aaron and Hur supported his hands, one on one side and one on the other so that his hands remained steady until the sun went down. 13 So Joshua defeated Amalek and his army with the sword.

Exodus 17:11-13, Christian Standard Bible

In a survey completed by Lifeway Research recently, pastors are saying the following about the financial impact of COVID-19 on their congregations:

  • 48% say that the current economy is having a negative impact on their church up from 26% in 2019
  • 33% say giving is lower than budgeted
  • African American pastors are the least likely to select “The economy is having no impact on my church” (18%) and most likely to select “Very negatively” (20%)

In addition to this, churches are experiencing lower percentages of attendance than in pre-COVID months.

  • 63% of pastors report that COVID-19 attendance levels are 70% or less than pre-COVID levels.
  • 29% of pastors report that attendance levels today are less than 50% of their pre-COVID worship attendance.

Pastors feel the weight of navigating an election with all the turmoil it has brought, lower financial giving, and lower attendance (Barna reports that 1/3 of Christians have stopped attending church during COVID). To add to the dogpile, some people are predicting that up to 30% or more of pre-COVID attenders will not return to the church. Our pastors need encouragement. They need our support.

Now, back to the Exodus text.

Leaders such as Moses have limited strength. “The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” Moses realized he needed people around him who would stand with him and help Israel gain a victory over the Amalekites. Enter Aaron and Hur. They held up his hands. Israel won.

Your pastor is in the battle of his life. Some are not going to survive COVID-19 and will go home to be with their Lord. It has already happened to numerous ministers. Some will catch the virus and be forced to gear down. Some pastor’s bodies will be changed forever because of COVID’s long-term effects.

Your pastor is most likely worn out physically and spiritually. The church had to pivot to online worship, online Bible studies, online giving, physical distancing when/if worship reopened, and of course, masks – to wear or not to wear, that has been the question, right?

Let’s end the year by giving our pastors a boost. Let’s encourage them, not nip at their heels. No seminary class, no workshop, and no book they’ve read has prepared them to lead in times like this. Be gracious to them, be forgiving, and believe they are making the decisions they feel are the right ones. Stand with them. Encourage them. Pray for them. Follow them. Give them advice. Agree to disagree at times. Support them.

If you have a genuine concern, don’t gossip; instead, meet with your pastor and hear one another. Don’t rally the troops against them. Talk to your pastor. Try to understand the reasons for his decisions or his stance on controversial subjects that have arisen during COVID. Accept his decisions. Follow his leadership. Be kind.

Lift high the hands of your pastor.


  1. Ken, good advise anytime, but especially now. I hope you and Lynn know how much we love and respect all both are doing. May today be especially blessed for you. John

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  2. Thank you!! Just thank you! My husband is a pastor and has Covid. We are thankful that his symptoms have not required hospitalization…

    Praying those things in our SS lesson last week From Colossians 1…. challenging everyone who checks in on us to pray these things for each other! Yes physical healing is important but I want all He has for us and realize it is so much more than physical healing … praying that the church at large will continue to use this time to filter .. repent.. revive and be brighter and healthier than ever …. Reading Fresh Encounter.. by Henry and Richard Blackaby and Claude King!

    Have pulled several things that I have had on my shelf for awhile during this pandemic … Digging in!!!

    Thankful that the hovering Spirit of God continues to to speak as he did in Genesis 1 dispelling the darkness with light.. may our light shine bright during this season he has allowed and or caused .. He loves his children and disciplines those he loves..with the end purpose of healing and restoring relationships …resulting in more and more kingdom fruit!

    Have kinda enjoyed this time of quarantine .. reading .. praying … meditating on his Word..

    Also, thank YOU….we used your online Sunday school lessons when they were available.

    Hope all is well with you and your family!

    Blessings my brother! Press on!!

    Marilyn Byrd

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    • Marilyn, thanks for your wonderful response to this post. I’ll be praying for your husband’s fast recovery, and for your protection.

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