Engage Your Group in a “Saturday Serve”

In a new 2022 book I’ve written for groups and group leaders, I challenge them to make serving others one of the 4 foundational elements of their group. I’ll tell you more about that 2022 book in future posts, but for today, let’s consider how you might engage your group in a “Saturday Serve” event.

A Saturday Serve is just what it sounds like – a day (or a half-day) that your group can set aside once a quarter to serve others who are members of the group, people who are potential members for your group, and even those who will never be candidates for group membership.

If a group started serving at 9AM, most would be finished at noon and could enjoy a quick meal before scattering for the day. If you keep your Saturday Serve to about 3 hours, you and your group members will have the afternoon and evening to do whatever you wish. The first part of the day will be spent serving others, so in my view, it’s a win-win kind of day. Here are just a few ways you and your group can engage in a Saturday Serve:

  1. Visit your group’s absentees (short “porch visits”)
  2. Take your group’s Bible study material to each absentee’s house and invite them back to the group
  3. Ask around and determine if any senior adults in your church have household projects you and your group can accomplish for them
  4. Sort clothes at your community’s close closet
  5. Serve at a food pantry
  6. Answer phones at a crisis pregnancy center
  7. Clean up a park
  8. Paint a school’s playground
  9. Prayer walk neighborhoods
  10. Conduct a coat drive
  11. Serve a meal at a local homeless shelter
  12. Visit shut-ins from your church
  13. Go to a nursing home and lead a Bible study, sing songs, or play games with the residents
  14. Provide childcare for a group of young adults in your church so they can enjoy a time of fellowship
  15. Do some maintenance at your church (coordinate with your pastor or other staff leader)

The list of possible serve projects is almost endless. Set a date, get commitments from people to serve, decide on a project, then make it happen!

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