Grab Attention Through the Power of Stories

If you’re like me and you love leading Bible studies with your group, you’re always on the lookout for another helpful resource to make you a better teacher.

Well, I’ve discovered a new book by Cheryl Salter titled Every 10 Minutes, and it’s one that I’d recommend you put in your “teacher toolbox.” Cheryl has taught Bible studies and ministered to hundreds of adult students for more than twenty years. She holds a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and is currently a doctoral student in Educational Ministry.

The premise of Every 10 Minutes is that people today have short attention spans, and those of us who speak, teach, and preach can more fully engage our audience members through the power of storytelling. I’ve seen this in my own teaching ministry, and in my speaking and training that I lead for churches and para-church organizations. A good story can capture attention, set the stage, and propel a teaching-speaking experience forward.

Pastor or teacher… Have you ever looked out over your students, audience, or congregation while speaking and noticed sleepy yawns, glazed-over eyes, or bored posture? The key to catching and keeping your listeners engaged depends on your ability to keep their interest. Shorter-than-ever attention spans plague us today due to our never-ending entertainment culture. The average American can listen about ten minutes before their mind begins to wander. Preachers and teachers can grab the attention of their audience at the beginning of any session and then keep them engaged throughout with fresh, applicable, and interesting stories. Every Ten Minutes holds a collection of heart-warming stories drawn from the pages of history, the lives of everyday people, and even a few personal reflections from the author. They work perfectly to open a class, close a sermon, or illustrate a point when teaching or preaching from the Scripture. Relax and rely on Every Ten Minutes to help you keep them engaged. The countdown just began… 10…9…8…7…6…5…4…3…2…1… quick, tell a story!

You can click here to jump to the publisher’s website and order your copy. I volunteered to help Cheryl get the word out about her book, and I am not being financially compensated for the referral! I love passing along a good resource to group leaders, and I know you’ll find any number of the stories in the book ones you can use in your ministry.


  1. Thank you for this resource. I am ordering one for me now and may get one for all the teachers after reading it.

    Sandra Smith
    Director, Small Groups Ministries
    Liberty Baptist Church
    Fayetteville, GA 30214

  2. Just ordered the book and look forward to reading it.

    Joe Flegal
    Director of Evangelism & Church Health
    Northwest Baptist Convention
    Mailing Address | 6715 NE 63rd Street, Suite 103-516, Vancouver, WA 98661-2099
    Office Location | 2612 NW 114th Ave., Suite 6, Vancouver, WA 98682
    360.882.2103 |

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