Creating a New Scorecard for Groups

After a season of rest and recovery from multiple writing, blogging, and training events, I am pleased to announce a new resource for you and your church’s groups and group leaders!

B&H Publishing is releasing my new book, Breakthrough: Creating a New Scorecard for Group Ministry Success, in mid-August. You can be a part of my June 23 webinar (yes, that’s tomorrow!) at 1-2PM CST. You can sign up for free at this site. I’ll explain the 4 main tasks of groups (which are the book’s 4 main sections), and 16 questions (4 questions under each of the main tasks) that form the chapters of the book. It’s time we count more than just attendance to determine the success of our groups.

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, churches and their Bible study groups are looking for ways to hit “reset” and do things differently through their group ministries. This new book will give you the tools you need to head into a new, balanced direction in group ministry.

You can pre-order your copy of the book here.

I hope to see you all tomorrow afternoon!

Shoulder to shoulder,

Ken Braddy


  1. Hey Ken, I need to have you on my Small Group Network podcast to talk about your new book. Lets schedule that!


  2. Hi Ken,

    I was in the Sunday School Essentials class earlier this year. Were the steps you present in this book covered in the conference?



    Toby Gilliland

    Gentian Baptist Church

    3853 Gentian Blvd.

    Columbus, GA 31907

    • Hey Toby,

      I mentioned the new book and a general (and quick) summary at the Essentials Conference, but we did not drill down on it. I knew it would take much more time than we had.

  3. Hello Ken
    I am reading Breakthrough and see a good resource for adult groups.
    What i am looking for is a score card for children’s ministry. I am looking at revamping some of the points from Breakthrough, but could use some assistance. So far we have been using growth and consistency, as well as involvement in our community outreach, but would like more.
    Thank you

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