Shepherding Your Sheep – a free webinar on10/20/22

If you are a group leader, part of your role is to be a shepherd to your group members. In the book 3 Roles For Guiding Groups, David Francis and I unpack three important roles of every group leader (teacher, shepherd, leader). On Thursday 10/20/22, I’ll delve into the role of shepherd and why it is such an important role in our increasingly post-COVID world.

Sign up for free at The webinar takes place from 1-2PM CST, but you can view it on-demand in about 4 days at the above website.

You can also gain access to all of the previous webinars in this year’s Training Thru ’22 webinar series at the same website mentioned above :

  • 3 stages for creating out of this world Bible studies
  • Following up with first-time guests
  • Ken’s 10 – my top 10 tips for group leaders
  • How to ask great questions and lead engaging discussion
  • 5 principles for making disciples
  • 7 ways to shrink your Bible study group
  • Creating a new scorecard for groups
  • 6 benefits of using ongoing studies in your group

Watch these video recordings by yourself as a means of experiencing training on demand, or watch the videos together with other group leaders and discuss the content afterwards.

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