Disciple-making in Community Podcast is now live!

A church without discipleship is just a gathering…

I am proud to announce that my new podcast is up and running on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and more! Click the links at the bottom to subscribe!

Who should listen to the Disciple-making in Community Podcast? Pastors, discipleship pastors, ministers of education, church staff leaders, and group leaders will all gain insights from this new podcast.

Disciple-making in Community with Ken Braddy focuses on important discipleship issues that occur through ongoing Bible study groups. The podcast is released in seven-episode seasons. Each season is devoted to one central topic regarding disciple-making in group environments. Each episode covers one significant aspect of that topic.

The inaugural season is focused on enlisting new leaders. This is a hot topic in the church today. It’s harder than ever to enlist leaders in our post-COVID world of group ministry, so we’re hitting it head-on.

In this season’s 7 episodes you’ll listen to me and others discuss:

  • 13 principles for enlisting new leaders
  • Recruiting new leaders in the mega-church
  • Recruiting new leaders in the normative-size church
  • How to retain the new leaders you recruit
  • Overcoming objections when enlisting new leaders
  • And more!

Join me and my fellow disciple-makers from around the country. Together, my guests and I will have timely conversations on how to make the most of your church’s group ministry.

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